• Physical Guarding
  • 24 Hour Control Room (Monitoring and Response)
  • Site Evaluations
  • Risk Assessments and Management
  • Loss Prevention Strategies
  • Mystery Shopping Operations
  • Covert Operations
  • Compliance Audits
  • Investigations and Information gathering
  • VIP Protection
Site assessments
MINT-MASTER will perform a Risk Assessment on site with the aim to gain a thorough understanding of the environment in which we propose to provide security services. The findings of the assessment will be used to highlight risks, develop procedures and make recommendations to the CLIENT’s Management.
Service level agreement development
A Service Level Agreement will be drawn up against which the agreed services will be evaluated on a continuous basis.
Site specific job descriptions and procedures
Based on the findings of the Risk Assessment and what has been agreed with the CLIENT’s Management, site specific checks, procedures and job descriptions will be developed and implemented.
Our employees represent the professional image of our Clients and are trusted members of their team. Their primary objective is to protect the Client’s people and assets whilst conducting themselves in a professional and customer friendly manner.
Strict enforcement of our recruitment policy is therefore of utmost importance, and the following elements are evaluated as part of MINT-MASTER’s recruitment policy:
  • Grooming
  • Communication Skills
  • Personality and Deportment
  • Literacy and Numeracy skills
  • Registrations and Qualifications
  • References (previous employment)
  • Credit Bureau Check
  • Criminal Check
  • Pre-Employment Honesty and Integrity Test (VSA or pre-employment polygraph)
  • Client interview / dual appointment where required
We will welcome any involvement should the CLIENT’s representatives wish to participate in the final decision and approval before we appoint employees.
Training facilities include our renowned training facility Gijima, which was established in 1984 and offers accommodation, mess facilities, lecture rooms and training grounds.
Other training facilities for existing and already graded personnel are located in Silverton Pretoria, Durban city centre and Mowbray in Cape Town.
Specific training applicable to THE CLIENT will also be conducted based on procedures, job descriptions, checklists, etc. and additional requirements stipulated by THE CLIENT’S management.
A dedicated Senior Account Manager will be responsible for the CLIENT, of which Management will be invited to interview and approve the appropriate candidate.
Any member of MINT-MASTER’s Management team can be contacted at any time should the need arise.
Compliance audits
Compliance audits on SLA’s will be carried out by our Compliance Audit Department. These audits are based on an internal scorecard and points system whereby a minimum pass rate must be achieved, failing which immediate corrective action will be taken.
Information gathering and reporting
Focussed audits on procedures will be carried out at agreed times, of which the findings and recommendations will be communicated to the CLIENT’s Management.
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